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 Selecting the right  private two-way radio dispatch communications  system
 or a  wireless SCADA or telemetry data technology  solution from many of
 today's available choices is no longer a simple task and, can often pose very
 daunting and confusing challenges.

 Our 39+ years of real world experience and knowledge  can help your team
 sift through the marketing rhetoric and techno-speak to identify, understand,
 evaluate, procure, and deploy up-to-date, practical, productive, cost-effective,
 and long-term solutions that meet and exceed their challenges.

 We invite you to browse our site to learn more about the professional "tools",
 systems,  value-added services,  and solutions we offer to help your company
 or organization thrive and compete in today's dynamic wireless world.

 If you've been searching for a straight-up tell-it-like-it-really-is wireless
 company that you can trust and count on, why not  Contact us  today to
 discuss your wireless communications requirements and needs?


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Wireless IP, Ethernet, & Serial Data SCADA Telemetry Solutions for Water/Wastewater, Energy, & Utlilities
CalAmp DataRadio Premier Solutions Provider for Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana
Radio over IP (RoIP) Remote Dispatch & Interoperability Solutions
Analog & eVerge Digital Dispatch Radio Solutions
Analog & NEXEDGE Digital Dispatch Radio Solutions
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MRSC Vendor for Washington State Local Government Entities
NASPO (Formerly WSCA) Kenwood LMR Vendor