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 Quality MobileCommunications, LLC is a private radio and wireless data communications
 solutions provider and RF systems integrator serving schools, commercial business,
 manufacturing, industrial, and municipal government clients throughout Oregon, Washington
 and the Pacific Northwest.

 We've been professionally involved in the wireless communications industry for over
 40 years. The company is a nationally recognized independently owned small business
 enterprise located in Vancouver, Washington, USA, directly across the Columbia River
 from Portland, Oregon.

 We specialize in:
  •  Wireless SCADA and telemetry data networks for water/wastewater, energy, and utilities;
  •  Private Land Mobile Radio dispatch systems for schools, business, industry, and government;
  •  Radio-over-IP (RoIP) access to remote voice / data networks and interoperability solutions;
  •  In-Building RF signal enhancement and specialized antenna systems;
  •  RF system and network optimization and upgrade services;
  •  Computer predictive RF coverage maps and propagation (path) studies;
  •  FCC licensing and regulatory compliance assistance services.

 Our 40 years of proven  experience,  peace-of-mind  service,  honest  value, and plain
 old-fashion  integrity  differentiates us from many of our competitors and serve as the
 foundations of the long-term strategic partnerships we strive to build with our clients.

 To explore the ways we can help your company or organization thrive and compete
 in today's dynamic wireless world, why not call or contact us today?

WA: 360.254.9505         OR: 503.240.8525          Toll Free: 800.808.9839

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