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Our Telex Radio Dispatch over IP (RoIP) solutions are a very effective method of dispatching and coordinating field personnel via portable or mobile two-way radio at remote locations or facilities over a managed LAN, WAN, or the Internet

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What is Radio over IP?

RoIP is an enhanced subset of VoIP technology that provides an intelligent and flexible method of extending the reach and improving the effectiveness of any type of two-way radio dispatch or data system - VHF, UHF, 800 MHz, analog, digital, conventional, or trunked - by leveraging the power of existing IP networks.

The effective range of most two way radio systems is limited by both the physical distance and by various types of obstructions in the communications path between each radio or, is restricted to the usable coverage "footprint" of an associated local base station or repeater. The useable coverage area of a base or repeater radio may also be limited by geographic, technical, regulatory, or other constraints.

RoIP technology allows portable or mobile two-way radios at one facility to talk to other radios at facilities located in out-of-coverage areas of the primary radio system, or, to radios at facilities in other cities, states or even countries. RoIP technology effectively extends the reach of any dispatch radio system by utilizing existing wide-area network (WAN) IP infrastructure to route voice or data radio transmissions between remoted radio base station locations.

Benefits of RoIP include:

~ Elimination of the geographical coverage contraints of two way radio systems
~ Interoperability between disparate types, brands, and frequency ranges of two way
   radio systems (i.e. VHF to UHF to 800 MHz or, between other IP-enabled communications
   devices such as cell phones, Nextel's, laptops, etc)
~ Leverage of the investment in existing radio and network infrastructure
~ Integration of telephone and data communication systems
~ Improves collaboration and communications between staff and across organizations
~ Increases productivity and efficiency of day-to-day operations and processes
~ Reduces long-distance and cell-phone costs

Contact us to discuss how a Telex RoIP solution will help your company or organization move its communications needs into the 21st century.

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