We specialize in wireless (RF) infrastructure - point-to-point and
 point-to-multi-point IP, ethernet, and serial SCADA and telemetry
 data links - over licensed private narrowband radio systems,
 license-free ISM spectrum, cellular data, or M2M broadband networks.

 We primarily service the water/wastewater, utility, and energy industries
 who require critical real-time data acquisition and remote site monitoring
 and control capabilities in their operations.

 Our services include:

 ~  Wireless RF System Planning, Design, and Integration
 ~  RF Coverage Verification Surveys
 ~  Computer-Predicted RF Path and Coverage Maps
 ~  Antenna System Recommendations
 ~  Existing RF System Optimization & Maintenance Services
FCC Licensing & Regulatory Compliance Assistance

 Our expertise and solutions are recommended by many professional
 engineering firms throughout the Pacific Northwest. Request them to
 consider including our value-added services in your SCADA, telemetry,
 or M2M project or, contact us directly to discuss your wireless data needs.

 WA: 360.254.9505   OR: 503.240.8525   Toll Free: 800.808.9839
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Wireless Site Locations Maps
RF Path & Propagation Coverage Projection Maps
Basic Wireless SCADA/Telemetry System Block Diagram
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