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Important Alert for all VHF & UHF Part 90 Private Radio System Licensees & Users

  Visit the ALERTS ! page of this site for important news about FCC spectrum management
  and regulatory actions that will significantly impact your two-way radio system operations

  U.S. Wireless Regulatory Agencies & Policy Making Bodies

  FCC - Federal Communications Commission  Home Page

           FCC Daily Digest  - brief synopsis of Commission orders, news releases, speeches,
  public notices and all other FCC documents that are released each business day. Contains
  hypertext links to the listed documents

  WTB - Wireless Telecommunications Bureau  Home Page

  PSHS - Public Safety & Homeland Security Bureau  Home Page

  OET - Office of Engineering & Technology  Home Page

  ULS - Universal Licensing System  Home Page

            FCC License Database  General Menu Reports

  FCC Certified Private Radio Frequency Coordinators
   Frequency Coordination is required for most Part 90 Private Radio licenses

  NTIA - National Telecommunications & Information Administration  Spectrum Management
  Home Page

  Spectrum Policy Task Force  Home Page
  The Spectrum Policy Task Force assists the Commission in identifying and evaluating changes in spectrum
  policy that will increase the public benefits derived from the use of the radio spectrum.

  "Blogband"  - The FCC's National Broadband Plan blog

   FCC White Paper on Private Land Mobile Radio Services

  FCC & NTIA Rules & Regulations

  FCC Part 90  Private Radio Rules & Regulations  (October 2010 Revision)

  FCC Part 15
  Unlicensed Radio Rules & Regulations  (March 2011)

  12.5 / 6.25 KHz 'Narrowband' Rules & Migration Dates
  (As of December 23, 2004)
  A MUST READ ACTION ITEM for all VHF & UHF Part 90 Business, Industrial, & Public Safety licensees
  Narrowbanding Information and Resources for Part 90 VHF/UHF LMR/SMR Licensees

  6.25 KHz 'Narrowband' Migration Statement issued by FCC - 03/22/07

"Red Book"  Manual of Regulations & Procedures for Federal Radio Frequency
  Management - May 2010 Revision of the January 2008 Edition

Frequency Allocation Chart October 2011 version

  On-Line Wireless Industry Trade Publications

  Enterprise Wireless Magazine published by the Enterprise Wireless Alliance
  (formerly the Industrial Telecommunications Asso.)

  Mission Critical Magazine  (Formerly Radio Resource Magazine)

  Urgent Communications / MRT (Mobile Radio Technology) Magazine

  Public Safety IT Magazine - technology news for Public Safety and Emergency Management 

  On-Line Discussion Groups                            

  Private Wireless Forum
for wireless industry professionals, system managers, integrators,
  dealers, distributors, manufacturers, and allied trades people directly involved in sales, marketing,
  service, maintenance, installation, system design, engineering, consulting, regulation, or other
  related activities within the PRIVATE two-way radio and wireless communications community.
  Forum topics include news and events, FCC and government regulation, products, emerging
  technology, ideas, competition, and trends. (
Membership in this group is restricted to professionals
   in the Private Wireless, LMR/SMR two way radio & related mobile communication industies

  Interesting Web Sites

  800 MHz Transition Administrator (TA) Home Page

  Two-Way Radio Directory
the most comprehensive, up-to-date wireless industry resource directory on the 'net today.

  Public Safety Spectrum Trust (PSST)
The FCC Licensee for the pending 700 MHz Broadband Public Safety Network

  Public Safety Wireless Technology Links
from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

  4.9 Ghz Broadband Technology for Public Safety  
Resources & information on broadband wireless technology for Public Safety applications

  Enterprise Wireless Alliance (EWA)
Advocate for private wireless licensees, representing their communications interests before
   the FCC and Congress

  United Telecomm Council (UTC)
Trade association for utility, energy, and other critical communications infrastructure organizations

  WiMAX Forum Interoperability Standards for Broadband Wireless Access

  NOAA Weather Radio Broadcast Station Directory Up-dated March 2011

  Marine VHF Radio Channels & Frequencies

  Maritime Marine VHF Narrowband Channels 12.5 kHz

  MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service) License-Free VHF Radio Frequencies
The FCC formally defines MURS as "a private, two-way, short-distance voice or data communications
   service for personal or business activities of the general public."

  APCO International (Association of Public Safety Communications Officials)
   With more than 15,000 members around the world, APCO International exists to serve the people
   who manage, operate, maintain, and supply the communications systems used to safeguard the
   lives and property of citizens everywhere

  SAFECOM (formerly the Public Safety Wireless Network (PSWN) now part of the Department
   of Homeland Security's SAFECOM program) The SAFECOM Program was formed to promote effective
   public safety communications and to foster interoperability among local, state, and federal wireless
   communications systems

  The Open Mobile Alliance
The mission of the Open Mobile Alliance is to grow the market for the entire mobile industry by
   removing the barriers to global user adoption and by ensuring seamless application interoperability
   while allowing businesses to compete through innovation and differentiation

  Cognitive (Spectrum Agile) Radio  the next 'big thing' in wireless communications??

  All About GPS from Trimble Navigation
  A great primer and tutorial designed to give you a good basic understanding of the principles
  behind GPS without loading you down with too much technical detail
  Software Defined Radio (SDR) Forum  The SDR Forum is now the Wireless Innovation Forum

  What is Software Defined Radio?

  Wireless Industry Acronyms & Definitions

  Online Wireless Dictionary  More than 19,000 wireless-related acronyms, terms and definitions

  Wireless FAQ's  a good overview of the term "wireless" with many links to further information

  Wireless Glossary

  Data Protocol Directory & Definitions

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